GAMERella is a research-creation project launched at the TAG Research Centre in 2013, aimed at counterbalancing toxicity and discrimination in the games industry. It is an inclusive, gentle and free game jam series oriented towards women and people from communities traditionally under-represented within the games industry and academia. Over its lifetime, it has had over 1000 participants from 30+ countries. Intrinsic to GAMERella’s ethos is intersectionality: from what tools are made available, to support for participants (prior, during, and aftercare), to how learning is understood, to the themes that feature in the games themselves. GAMERella also seeks to alleviate factors that might interfere with people’s abilities to participate: whether this be meals, childcare, accessible spaces, or social anxiety.

In this video, we present the intersectional objectives of GAMERella and how it responds to inequalities of the games industry. We showcase a selection of 6 prize-winning games that were completed during the recent GAMERella Global event, featuring commentary and introductions from makers of the completed games. We close by sharing changes we have witnessed as a result of GAMERella, and reflect on how to support game making in light of intersectionality.


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Featured Game Creators
The Team With No Name
Cansadas II. Random Name Generator
The JellyVixes
Mighty Fellas