""Umwelten"" as a research creation project invites a human, a Mimosa Pudica (or touch-me-not) plant, and an ML (machine learning) algorithm to interface with one another in the same physical space (but with different umwelts). As the human types on the screen, the typography (color, font size, and spacing between the letters) dynamically evolves based on the typing speed of the human. Meanwhile, a camera pointing to the plant captures images of the plant frame by frame, sending it to an ML model trained on the image data set of the plant - classifying the plant into two categories (closed or open) with respective probabilities. While the leaves of the plant are susceptible to close or open depending on an external stimuli (sunlight or human touch), the probabilities of the classification algorithm again influence the typography on the screen thus generating a confusing typography acting as an interplay between human and more than human sentience - an interplay seen as an exchange of signs between a human, an ML algorithm, and a plant while they re-question the decided futures by negotiating and reformulating their relationships by pulling themselves back to the ontological question of being V. becoming.

This video uses the following sounds:
"drone 2" by filipiwo (https://freesound.org/people/filipiwo/sounds/463845/) licensed under CCBYNC 3.0 from freesound
and "the forest" by Sultana Zana

Puneet Jain and Sultana Zana

Puneet Jain and Sultana Zana

Sultana Zana

Puneet Jain

Sultana Zana