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The Hexagram Showcase 2019-2021 is a compilation of show video presentation of research-creation works produced by members and students affiliated to the Hexagram Network. The compilation demonstrates the diversity and vitality of research-creation in the Quebec academic landscape.

Artists in the Hexagram Showcase

Andrée Martin
Estelle Schorpp
Marc-André Cossette
Sandra Volny
Ahreum Lee
Émilie Morin
Erin Gee
Guillaume Pascal
Juliette Lusven
Maxime Boutin
Olivia Mc Gilchrist
Rilla Khaled
Enric Llagostera
Jess Rowan Marcotte
Steven Sych
Jean Dubois
Ghyslain Gagnon
Ké Medley
Louis-Philippe Rondeau
Yan Breuleux
Nicolas Bernier
Nicolas Reeves and David St-Onge
Chris Salter
Dietmar Lupfer
Sofian Audry