The global climate is changing, and vulnerable communities around the world are suffering the consequences. Traditional disaster management approaches are not enough to deal with rising risks, and new forms of collaboration are needed to inspire people and organizations to link knowledge with action.

It has become clear that information is rarely sufficient to trigger behaviour change. To face the environmental emergency, we need transdisciplinary methods that involve the brainpower and the emotions of participants.

“Balance-Unbalance: The Future started Now” is the second encounter in a series of roundtables gathering scientists, artists, architects and curators to help us think about what we should do today to change course and to have a possible future, considering the serious risks we face given the growing environmental crisis. Words leading to specific and relevant ecological actions. In times of environmental emergency, planetary thinking proposing new models helping us to design strategies for supporting life in all its forms.

Leah Barclay
Ricardo Dal Farra
Rob La Frenais
Felipe Londoño
Roger Malina
Pablo Suarez