"Scalability" is a conceptual audio exploration of fractal mathematical landscapes. The project is a series of music-videos taking fractals as real cosmos. These universes are seen through the computational eyes of our software and musical machines. We reproduce forms of the living, speculative universes on which the ear can project sonic fictions. In our research the fractal becomes a vector of speculative fiction turned towards a negentropic imaginary of "soft" psychedelic, feminist, cybernetic, ecological and post-digital science fiction, openly glitch in the sense that Kim Cascone defines it in his article "The Aesthetics of Failure: "Post-Digital Tendencies in Contemporary Computer Music" (2000).

The universe created is inspired by the meta-narrative concept of sonic fiction (Kodwo Eshun) and scientific myths in the context of contemporary electronic visual music. The audio-visual language created disengages from the gravitational pull of narrativeness and flirts with poetry, mutant textures, mixillogics and these shifts towards more obscure meta-narratives. Pierre Schaeffer's reduced listening, Hyde's visual suspension, Michel Chion's writings on audio-vision, or Don Ihde's phenomenology are important methodologies when it comes to studying sound in images. Scalability video music is a research station for sonic and speculative writing, sonification of visual experiences through improvisation, programming, musical composition and live electronic performance.

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