Reclaiming the Planet will be a publication, series of video taped discussions, and installation of data visualizations and architectural models. In this piece we showcase the results of our current architecture research studio investigating how industry 4.0 is transforming territory, environment, and political-economy. The project involves data visualizing the changing Quebec extraction industry ecologies, and imagining speculative designs for inhabiting post-extractionary territories in the future.

Alexandre Asselin
Arnaud Coulombe
Delphine Ducharme
Rachel Ducharme
Marie-Ève Fortier
Millie-Ann Grenon
Ikram Haffaf
Liliane Hamelin
Fannie Hébert
Baptiste Kauffman
Kim Laneuville
Adriana Menghi
Anna Paola Bossi
Charles-Antoine Poulin
Meryem Sekhri

Alessandra Ponte
Orit Halpern
Alessia Zarzani
Gabriel Payant
Jean-Denis Milette
Marius Senneville
Maya Lamothe-Katrapani