REⓒ is a radio series featuring young Montreal researchers-creators whose creative practice is changing not only the way we perceive research, but — potentially — our entire worldview.

Through REⓒ, we invite our listeners to follow us in the vibrant world of research-creation. Each episode of the series addresses a current topic through a common question in order to illustrate how research practices that include the arts and creation are redefining our understanding of the production of knowledge in academia

REⓒ presents a special episode that will premiere during the Ars Electronica Festival 2021. This episodes will feature Sofian Audry from Université du Québec à Montréal and Ionat Zurr from University of Wes Australia. During the 1-hour discussion, the participants will discover each other's work with the public and exchange about Hexagram's yearly thematic: EMERGENCE/Y.

Sofian Audry (UQAM)
Ionat Zurr (UWA)

Marc-André Cossette

REC Team
Cynthia Noury
Marc-André Cossette
Paloma Leyton
Gaelle Scali

External resources and links

Sofian Audry, Personal Website

SymbioticA Official Website